Who we are…
We are a New York City based firm specializing in strategic marketing, branding, business consulting and social media management. We have worked with small to mid sized business, music artists and entertainers. With our roots in small to mid size business, we have a wealth of experience with a variety of industries and the arts. We will position your career and your brand in order for your career and business to grow successfully.
Why choose us…
Our firm's goal is the success of our clients.  We welcome the opportunity to work with existing or start up companies and talented emerging artists. Our greatest pleasure comes from having our client's visions grow successfully because, our client's goals are our goals. All our services and  consulting are individualized to suit your particular needs. Share your visions of the future you want, and we will help you achieve your dreams.
We value your business and will prove that daily in all our dealings.  That is our belief, that is our commitment and that is our promise to all our clients.
Let us show you just how creative we are!
Janice Krako                                              ♦︎The Bossette♦︎ @JPKC                           Janz Media LLC