Why Should You be Using Social Media?

Janice Krako/ October 20, 2015/ marketing, Mashable, social media, social media marketing Janz Media LLC, social media strategy, strategists/ 0 comments

With nearly 80 percent of corporations now incorporating social media into their marketing and communication strategy mix, the role of a social strategist is becoming more and more standard as a needed and respected part of the marketing team.  Business-to-consumer communication has been revolutionized with the advent of social media in the last decade.   Consumers are now in direct communication with businesses online.  No need for consumers to make phone calls or write snail mail.  The speed of business has increased with the need to respond to the consumer in a timely manner.  What is your marketing strategy today?

Mashable published an awesome infographic about what it takes to be a social strategist. Even if you have no desire to make social media your 9-to-5 daily grind, what are some things you can learn from the social media managers and other social media professionals surveyed? 
The characteristics identified as making these strategists successful at their jobs were, in order:
I’m multi-disciplinary and can wear many hats.” (58%)
I’m willing to take risks.” (46%)
I can rally different stakeholders across the organization.” (45%)
I can effectively lead a multi-faceted, cross-departmental effort.” (38%)
I have experience in social media.” (37%)
I have a long-term customer-centric vision for the program.” (24%)
I can communicate the ROI to executive leadership.” (16%)
I have been working at my company many years.” (13%)

What really stands out in these numbers is that the key to success for these strategists has less to do with ROI or long-term plans and more to do with the ability to innovate – whether that be juggling disparate responsibilities and trying new things without the fear of failure.   Be creative, think outside the box!

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